How to Study the Teaching of History?

Answer Roman philosopher Cicero once said, "Not to know what happened before one was born is always to remain a child." In like manner, R.G. Collingwood wrote, "History is for human self-knowledge...the o... Read More »

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How to Study Primary School Teaching?

Teaching is a very rewarding career. Dedicating your life to teaching children the skills and lessons that they will need to become successful in life is a very admirable decision.Beginning the pat... Read More »

How to Explain Why Someone Should Know About and Study History?

When the world becomes too "modern" (and it has done this many times before our modern), there can be a tendency to assume that the past no longer counts and that all that matters is the present an... Read More »

How to Learn/Study (for History)?

Many students have problems with harder classes, like AP World History, because they don’t know how or what to study. If you feel that you aren’t performing well in your history class, follow t... Read More »

Why should we study about world history?

The study of world history provides modern students, researchers and philosophers with a clear understanding of how humanity and civilization evolved, which can help us understand why the world is ... Read More »