How to Study for Speech Perception?

Answer Speech perception contributes to and builds upon research in the fields of psychology, linguistics, acoustics, speech and language pathology, and computer science, but this list is not exhaustive. ... Read More »

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How long will it take for the PRJ study to correct the perception of Wikipedia from the biased Nature study?

A long, long time in my opinion. It is more likely that the knee-jerk reaction at Wikipedia will be to simply delete all questionable articles, rather than correct them, sigh...Take for example the... Read More »

Parts of Speech Study Guide?

The formal rules of grammar tend to be a difficult concept for native speakers to grasp, mostly because of their irrelevance to colloquial language. Parts of speech are the building blocks of langu... Read More »

Study Techniques for the Parts of Speech?

The parts of speech in the English language refer to what form and function certain types of words fulfill. For instance, a person, place or thing is called a noun. Any word that describes an actio... Read More »

How to Increase Perception in "Fallout 2"?

"Fallout 2" was released for the PC in 1998. When creating your character, you may place points in seven character statistics, such as strength, luck and perception. Perception allows your characte... Read More »