How to Stucco Over Cement?

Answer If you are looking for a way to add depth and texture to the exterior of your house, applying a coat of stucco is one way to do it. This material is made from a mixture of Portland cement and can b... Read More »

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How to Install Cement Stucco?

In the Southwest, stucco is the premier style found on most homes. An updated version of traditional mud finishes found on Southwest adobe houses, cement stucco isn't expensive and is pretty easy t... Read More »

How do I apply stucco cement to block walls?

Cleaning and Applying Bonding AgentClean the block wall using detergent and cloth. Rinse off with a water power spray of a hose. Allow the wall to dry for about 12 hours. Apply an even coat of bond... Read More »

How to Apply Stucco to a Cement Board Exterior?

Adding stucco finish to a house or other building usually means applying a cement base layer. However, if the building is already finished with cement board, it shaves a few steps off the process. ... Read More »

Can you spray stucco over existing stucco?

You can apply a new layer of stucco over existing stucco, allowing you to refresh a wall without the hassle of removing the old stucco. Stucco is a masonry mixture of sand, cement and water. When a... Read More »