How to Strip Polyurethane From Aluminum?

Answer During auto body repairs it is possible to get clear coat or other polyurethane substances onto the aluminum of a prepared car body. The polyurethane needs to be removed before paint can be applied... Read More »

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How do I strip polyurethane stain from wood floors?

PrepareSweep the wood floor to remove any dirt and debris. As you sweep, watch for any nails that may be sticking up from the surface of the floor. Pound in these nails with a hammer to prevent inj... Read More »

How to Strip Anodizing From Aluminum?

Sometimes anodized aluminum surfaces get damaged or need to be cleaned. When this happens, the aluminum's anodized surface can make the task somewhat difficult. The simple fact remains that surface... Read More »

How to Strip Paint From Aluminum Wheels?

Without taking them to a professional and paying an arm and a leg, there are several methods for removing paint from aluminum wheels. It can be an arduous process, but with a little time and persev... Read More »

How to Strip Paint from Aluminum Wheel Covers?

Over time, aluminum wheel covers can become scratched, faded or just dull. You can refinish your aluminum wheel covers yourself and save a substantial amount of money. Paint stripper removes multip... Read More »