How to Strip Off Old Wallpaper?

Answer Replacing old wallpaper helps transform a room, whether you are using a new wallpaper pattern or wish to paint the walls. Stripping the wallpaper requires tenacity and patience. Many homeowners hir... Read More »

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How to Strip Vinyl Wallpaper?

Removing vinyl wallpaper is not as bad as it may sound. Chemical strippers dissolve wallpaper adhesive, making it easier to remove. Non-porous vinyl wallpaper needs scoring to allow the stripper to... Read More »

How to Strip Wallpaper (Using Glass Cleaner)?

A very simple way to strip wallpaper, relying on Windex glass cleaner.

Would you pay someone to strip off your wallpaper?

How to Strip Wallpaper from Plaster & Lath?

Don't rent expensive equipment - you will need newspapers, bucket(s) of hot water, a long-handled sponge mop, scrubby sponge, regular sponges, a putty scraper & time!