How to Strip Anodizing From Aluminum?

Answer Sometimes anodized aluminum surfaces get damaged or need to be cleaned. When this happens, the aluminum's anodized surface can make the task somewhat difficult. The simple fact remains that surface... Read More »

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DIY Anodizing Aluminum?

Anodizing aluminum is putting a colored coating on the aluminum with electricity and water. The process charges the molecules in the aluminum so they attract the color from the water. Rit fabric dy... Read More »

How Is Aluminum Anodizing Done?

Anodizing allows you to create a hard, corrosion and abrasion resistant coating on the surface of metals. Not only does anodizing strengthen a surface, it creates a porous surface coating that make... Read More »

Is anodizing aluminum still done?

Anodizing hardens and protects aluminum, and colors the metal with a wide range of pigments. Because of this, anodizing remains a widely used finishing choice for makers of aluminum products and pa... Read More »

How to Strip Polyurethane From Aluminum?

During auto body repairs it is possible to get clear coat or other polyurethane substances onto the aluminum of a prepared car body. The polyurethane needs to be removed before paint can be applied... Read More »