How to String a Racket?

Answer Tennis and racquetball rackets need ample tension on their strings, or the player risks losing both power and accuracy on their shots. Depending on how often you play and the quality of the racket ... Read More »

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How many feet of string are needed to string a tennis racket?

The length of string required to restring a tennis racket, will depend on the size, shape and weave pattern. If cutting your own string, it's suggested you aim for about 39 feet in length and that ... Read More »

How many meters of string is needed to string a tennis racket?

The length of string required to string a tennis racket depends on the racket's head size and the stringing pattern. Tennis rackets can range in head size from 85 to 135 square inches. For example,... Read More »

How to String a Prince O3 Tennis Racket?

Stringing any tennis racket can be quite challenging. Stringing Prince O3 rackets are no exception and add to the challenge with their design. These rackets are made with giant "O-Ports" instead of... Read More »

How many millimeters of string are in a tennis racket?

A professional tennis racket stringer can string a tennis racket using 30 to 35 feet of string. That is 9,144 to 10,668 millimeters. If you have your racket professionally strung, look for a string... Read More »