How to String a Hand Fan?

Answer A hand fan is the simplest, most convenient cooling device you can make yourself. It is easy to carry since it can be folded and kept in a handbag -- it is also easy to make, or repair. Made usuall... Read More »

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Hand-Held String Game Directions?

String games entertain and delight children. With hundreds of different "moves," children make "Jacob's Ladders" or "Cat's Cradles" from a piece of old yarn, thread or even shoelaces. According to ... Read More »

How to Make a Hand Catch With String?

The Art of String Figures is found in many cultures of the world. In Hawaii it is known as Hei. String figures are really fun to make! Long before TV, or even books, people were using string figure... Read More »

How to Make Someone Feel Like a String Is Being Pulled from Their Hand?

This is sort of an elementary school trick. It can also be used as a magic trick. On many people, this trick will not work. Only some people will feel like you are pulling a string through their ha... Read More »

How many feet of string are needed to string a tennis racket?

The length of string required to restring a tennis racket, will depend on the size, shape and weave pattern. If cutting your own string, it's suggested you aim for about 39 feet in length and that ... Read More »