How to Strengthen the Arms?

Answer To strengthen your arms, perform a weight training routine once per week specifically targeting the bicep and tricep muscle groups. Essentially, these are the muscles in the front and back of the u... Read More »

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How Do I Strengthen a Bow Eye?

Bow eye is a commonly used term that refers to your most dominant eye. This is the eye you use when aiming a bow, or lining up a pool shot. Because this is the eye you rely on the most, it is impor... Read More »

How to Strengthen Arm Ligaments?

Ligaments are elastic-like structures that connect your bones. They are capable of providing power and stability, but are very susceptible to injury in forms of sprains, where the ligament becomes ... Read More »

How to Strengthen an Ankle?

If you are a regular runner or walker, or just want better stability, it's useful to work on strengthening your ankles. This can not only help your balance, but reduce your risk of injuries.

How to Strengthen Your Relationships?

Strengthening your relationships will make your life a smooth sail as you will have a great support system for the ups and downs in life