How to Stream UDP on VLC?

Answer Having a digital library of thousands of media files has become commonplace in recent years. Being able to play media files on one computer is not as convenient as it once was, so it would be nice ... Read More »

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How to Stream a WAV?

Like an mp3, a "WAV" file is a type of audio format that allows you to digitally store sound files on your computer. An important distinction between WAV files and mp3's, however, is that WAV files... Read More »

How to Stream TV on VLC?

The VLC player is a free and open-source media player designed and distributed by the VideoLAN project. It supports DVDs, VCDs, varying formats of audio and video codecs as well as streaming video ... Read More »

How to Stream a DVD to a Computer?

Most computers that have a DVD drive also have a DVD player application installed that can read and play discs. While the DVD player application cannot generally be streamed to more than one comput... Read More »