How to Store Mother of Vinegar?

Answer Many areas don't have access to certain types of vinegar, necessitating some cooks to make their own. Some foodies are convinced that store-bought vinegar doesn't compare to homemade. When vinegar ... Read More »

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How to Store Vinegar?

Many foods are stored in vinegar. But did you know that vinegar itself should be stored properly? Here is how.

What are the benefits of mother of vinegar?

Mother of vinegar is the sludge that forms during the fermentation process that turns fruit juice into vinegar. It consists of fruit particles, bacteria and a nonparasitic worm called a vinegar ee... Read More »

What is the mother in vinegar making?

Good bacteria and yeasts make vinegar. The process begins with crushed grains and fruits. Yeasts and bacteria are then added. Yeast acts on the sugars, fermenting them, which makes alcohol. Once th... Read More »

Will apple cider vinegar clean a copper penny better than white vinegar?

Either one will damage the surface and reduce its collector value to zero. If you must clean a coin that has any numismatic value, soak it in distilled water and soap (not detergent), then use a so... Read More »