How to Store Malt Sweetened Carob Chips?

Answer Malt-sweetened carob chips are often substituted in recipes that call for chocolate chips. They have a similar shape and function, but the flavor is different. Carob is a Mediterranean fruit, while... Read More »

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What is in carob chips?

Carob chips contain carob powder, which is made from the fruit of the Mediterranean carob tree. Carob chips are commonly substituted for chocolate chips, but carob chips do not have the same intens... Read More »

Are carob chips vegan?

Carob chips often contain milk powder. Because milk is a dairy product that comes from animals, carob chips that contain milk are not vegan. However, carob powder in its raw form is vegan, and it i... Read More »

How to Store Potato Chips in the Freezer?

Instead of purchasing a large quantity of potato chips and letting them take up space in your pantry, you can place them in the freezer. Freezing potato chips will ensure they stay fresh so that yo... Read More »

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popcorn, but it depends which kind and what brand