How to Store Cleaning Chemicals?

Answer From giving your toilet bowl an enviable shine to stripping away grease from a hard surface with ease, cleaning chemicals have definite places in a home. When they aren't being used though, they ne... Read More »

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How do I use cleaning chemicals?

Wear closed-toed shoes, long pants and long sleeves. Tie long hair out of the way. Carefully read the instructions on the label of the cleaning chemicals you wish to use. Gather rubber gloves and a... Read More »

Soda Vs. Cleaning Chemicals?

Walk into any supermarket and you will find shelf after shelf of cleaning products, all specialized for various uses. You pick up the basics: window cleaner, laundry detergent, cleanser, oven clean... Read More »

Can cleaning chemicals damage limestone?

Limestone and other types of calcareous stone, such as travertine and marble, can be damaged by cleaning chemicals. Never use acidic cleaning products, including vinegar, on limestone. Instead, cle... Read More »

Can limestone be damaged by cleaning chemicals?

According to the Marble Institute of America, limestone can be damaged by acidic cleaners, such as cleaners that contain vinegar or lemon juice. Instead, clean limestone with stone soap or pH-neutr... Read More »