How to Store Amaryllis Bulbs for the Winter?

Answer Amaryllis flowers are a popular garden flower and they are often grown around the holiday season, as well. For individuals who want to grow the flowers in the spring, amaryllis bulbs need to be sto... Read More »

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How late in winter can I plant amaryllis bulbs?

Amaryllis can be grown outdoors in warmer climates that do not experience frost, but in colder regions gardeners should dig them up and store them inside for the winter. October is when they should... Read More »

How do I store canna bulbs in winter?

Removing BulbsDig canna bulbs from the ground after the first frost of autumn has browned the greenery, making sure not to damage the bulb or root structure. Shake each bulb vigorously or rinse wit... Read More »

How do I store iris bulbs over the winter?

DigDig iris bulbs after the plants are finished blooming in late summer. Use a garden fork to dig the entire clump. Dig deeply to avoid damaging the roots.PrepareCut the foliage down to about 6 inc... Read More »

How do I store tulip bulbs in winter?

Clean the BulbsBrush off any dirt from the bulbs before storing them.Prepare the Bulbs for StoragePlace two sheets of newspaper in the bottom of a cardboard box. Lay tulip bulbs in a single layer i... Read More »