How to Stop the Female Dog Heat Cycle?

Answer Female dogs go through a reproductive cycle known as a "heat" which normally occurs every 7 to 8 months. During this period, she can become pregnant, so stopping a female's heat cycle is important ... Read More »

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Female Dog Heat Cycle Symptoms?

It is not always readily apparent when your female dog, or bitch, goes into heat. Some bitches may present very obvious signs like heavy bleeding, while others may show no noticeable symptoms throu... Read More »

How do you run the dishwasher without using the heater to dry the dishes at the end of the cycle - you need to run filters through your dishwasher to clean them but was told not to use the heat cycle?

Electrical Energy is added to the vacuum cleaner as input. This energy is converted to mechanical energy with heat energy and sound energy being wasted.

How to Heat Cycle Tires?

Also known as "scrubbing," giving your new race tires their first heat cycle can be critical to the tires' performance and longevity. A new tire has a certain number of weak molecular bonds; giving... Read More »

How to Deal With a Female Dog in Heat?

If you plan to breed your female dog, you must know the best time to breed her. Most females go into heat for the first time between 8 and 11 months of age. If you do not want to breed your dog, kn... Read More »