How to Stop the Fax Machine Sound When My Computer Is On?

Answer Many if not most computers connect to the Internet via local area networks (LANs) at home and at work. Those that do not use modems to dial in to an Internet service provider. It is not unusual whe... Read More »

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When connecting my tv to my computer, i get the picture but not the sound! someone stop me from going mad!!?

To answere your question, NO it is not possible to use a DVI to pass sound.You are only hooking up the VIDEO feed of you computer to your TV. You will also need to hookup an audio feed. You can use... Read More »

Why does washing machine has a clanking sound when it spins?

Washing Machine makes loud sound when Spin.?

It was probably over loaded at some point and has damaged bearings. Hopefully you are still under warranty. Overloading is the most common cause of washer/dryer death.

When did the US army stop using the M1919 machine gun?

The last of them were phased out of the National Guard in the 1970s.