How to Stop the Auto Chkdsk Flag?

Answer If you set up Chkdsk to execute when the computer boots, a flag is set in the Windows registry. Each time you boot, the utility runs on the computer before you load Windows. This process takes seve... Read More »

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How do I stop chkdsk?

Open the Command PromptClick "Start" and then type "cmd" into the Search Programs and Files box and press "Enter." The Command Prompt opens.Stop Chkdsk With a CommandType "chkntfs /x c: d:" (withou... Read More »

Red Flag Rules for Auto Dealers?

The Federal Trade Commission drafted the Red Flags Rule to protect consumers and businesses from identity theft. Auto dealers are included in the group of businesses that are required to comply wit... Read More »

What does a green flag mean in auto racing?

In auto racing, a green flag is typically used after a yellow flag, which indicates danger and hazards, to show the drivers that the track is now clear and safe. Occasionally, a green flag may be u... Read More »

What does Auto-Stop(R) mean?

Auto-Stop is a feature on cassette decks. The cassette player senses when the tape has reached its end and automatically stops the motors and disengages the playback and record heads to avoid damag... Read More »