How to Stop the Anchors in GIMP?

Answer The "anchors" in GIMP are used when you are making a curved image on your computer. Each anchor marks a specific point in the movement of an image. The more anchors you add, the more the line you a... Read More »

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Are hilti anchors better than equivalent anchors?

Not always I don't think so, Hilti at times does not manufacture its own anchors , it only controls the production process and the product application consultancy. The same can also be repliicated ... Read More »

Should I stop using Gimp [example of first try] PLEASE tips ><?

Chu-boy, it's not that bad to be honest actually.I don't think you should stop using GIMP - well unless you have Photoshop. But it takes quite a long time to get used to it. GIMP can create stuff l... Read More »

How to Install Gimp Paint Studio Into Gimp?

Gimp Paint Studios adds a lot to Gimp. It gives you more brushes and palettes to be used for drawing. Read this article to learn how to install it.

How are you supposed to downlaod the gimp software, which is at

Since you did not state your OS and version, I will assume it to be Windows XP - SP3.The GIMP is located at an .ORG not at a .COM, which might have been part of the problem. There should be a sele... Read More »