How to Stop a Squeaky Alternator?

Answer Squeaky alternators are typically caused by a loose alternator belt, and all that is required to fix the problem is to tighten it. It is extremely important to tighten the belt because a loose alte... Read More »

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Does anyone know how to stop a squeaky door?

You must find that mouse and let him loose outside....Silicon works great!WD-40 will do the trick...(drives out moisture)Light weight oil is old fasioned but will workCrisco or lard if one is a shu... Read More »

How to Stop Squeaky Door Hinges?

It's enough to drive you crazy, that little squeak every time you open the door or the cupboard but it's so simple to fix in really no time at all, let Homeserve tell you how:

How to Stop a Squeaky Serpentine Belt?

Serpentine belts ride on the various pulleys in the engine well to transfer energy from the engine crankshaft pulley to the engine accessory pulleys. If the belt has any foreign material on it betw... Read More »

How to Stop Squeaky Wooden Floors?

Squeaky wood floors are an annoying sound that can disrupt quiet moments in the home such as bed time. If you have this issue, there is hope. Most squeaks can be repaired with a few simple tools an... Read More »