How to Stop a Repeater From Stealing Your Internet?

Answer A wireless repeater amplifies and broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal sent from a wireless transmitter (also called a wireless router). To stop a repeater from passing the signal to others who might use the ... Read More »

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How to stop my neighbors from stealing my wireless internet service?

Easy use the wifi security feature on it. Set up a pass code.

How does the internet get to my comp from the routercould my neighbour be stealing my internet connection ?

If you have wireless Internet yes your neighbor can definitely be using it.

How to keep someone from stealing my internet?

Most WLAN hardware has gotten easy enough to set up that many users simply plug it in and start using the network without giving much thought to security. Nevertheless, taking a few extra minutes t... Read More »

How can i tell if someone is stealing my internet?

Not always, some routers have different IP addresses. But definatly easiest to look through your router settings and see who all is connected to it. The DHCP request should stay on your... Read More »