How to Stop a Mustache From Growing for a Female?

Answer For a woman, facial hair can be embarrassing and problematic. A common form of female facial hair is the mustache, which grows above the upper lip. There many reasons why women begin growing this u... Read More »

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My BFF is growing a mustache, how do I gently point it out to her?

I think you just did. How about laser removal?

I am 14 and im growing a mustache, should i shave it off ?

Sounds like you already made your decision. If you don't want a mustache, by all means shave it off.

How to Stop Hair From Growing?

Unwanted hair can pop up in unexpected places. You may notice a stray hair on your face, neck or chin and extra hairs on your abdomen or arms. Some people think it's easier to get rid of the hair t... Read More »

Home Remedy for Female Mustache Hair?

Many women suffer from an unsightly mustache. This problem is seldom discussed, due to its embarrassing nature, and most women simply chose to remove them, often in the comfort and privacy of their... Read More »