How to Stop a Mic From Echoing?

Answer A microphone that picks up excessive echo from the room makes your recording sound amateurish and messy. The echo can also make the musician or vocalist sounds terrible. Luckily, several things can... Read More »

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Will a rug on the floor keep a room from echoing?

An echo is the sound that is reflected back at us from a hard surface in an environment. Hardwood, tile or stone floors tend to focus sound, rather than scattering it. Rugs or carpeting absorb soun... Read More »

What is wrong if you hear echoing in your ears?

Dark urine can indicate a number of things, from anything like dehydration to hepatitis to bladder infection to worse. I would start by giving the baby plenty of water to drink and see if that help... Read More »

What can I do stop stop my leg from scarring after a bad burn from 4 nights ago?

My brother burnt himself badly when he little. He got a prescription for a medicine called Siladine (not sure of the spelling). He has NOT one trace of a scar!!!!!Several people I know have used ... Read More »

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