How to Stop a Leaking Sunroof?

Answer Sunroofs are fitted with troughs and drainage tubes to ensure a dry fit in a car. However, after prolonged use, these can start to leak water. The common causes are a build-up of dirt or a crack in... Read More »

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How to Repair a Leaking Car Sunroof?

Repairing a leaky sunroof usually leads to discovering that the sunroof is not the culprit of the leak. Instead dirt and debris may be the likely culprits since they obstruct the drainage tubes or ... Read More »

How to Seal a Leaking Automobile Sunroof?

The only way to properly seal a leaking automobile sunroof is to replace the leaking seals. Once you have properly inspected the seals and can see that the sealing itself has deteriorated to the po... Read More »

How do i stop dye leaking from my fabric ive washed it about 10 times so far and it is still leaking colour?

I'd return it. See:…Chances are the dye was not fixed properly in manufacturing, and you can't do it at home.BTW, most quilters prefer 100% cotton fabric... Read More »

How do I stop a tap from leaking?

You Could try this:1)First turn off the water supply to the dripping tap, and turn on the tap to release any water in the system feeding it. 2)Before you start to dismantle the tap, place the plug ... Read More »