How to Stop a Horse from Chewing Wood?

Answer Want to stop your horse from chewing your wood fences or stalls?

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How to Stop Your Horse from Chewing Things?

Stabled horses often develop bad habits, such as chewing, because they are bored.Sometimes a pony can develop a bad habit of chewing on the fence they stand next to whenever you mount, or scraping ... Read More »

How to Stop Dogs From Chewing Wood?

Chewing on wood is a normal behavior for dogs of all ages. Like human babies, puppies chew to relieve the pain of new teeth coming in and to explore their new world; older dogs chew to keep their t... Read More »

How Can I Get My Horse to Stop Eating Wood?

According to an equine study performed by Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania, a horse's behavioral problems, such as eating or chewing on wood, often begin when the horse's natur... Read More »

How to Keep My Dog From Chewing the Wood Fence?

If your dog chews on a wooden fence, the damage to the fence isn't the only issue. You could also end up with a veterinary bill if the dog injures its mouth or swallows splintery wood. If your dog ... Read More »