How to Stop a Dialing Sound on a BlackBerry Pearl?

Answer Cell phones often simulate the sound a land line phone makes when dialing a number. This sound helps you hear each number typed and immediately hear if you missed a number. However, sometimes this ... Read More »

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How to Stop a Blackberry Pearl From Deleting Texts & E-Mails?

The BlackBerry Pearl smartphone offers the business and entertainment capabilities of a standard BlackBerry smartphone in a compact size. BlackBerry Pearl users that experience problems with e-mail... Read More »

What is the best phone the htc touch pro smartphone the iPhone 3g the blackberry 8900 or the blackberry pearl?

Depends on what your needs are. An Android device is good overall (especially if you have a Google acount). A Nokia device is also a good device overall, but goes well with media. A BlackBerry is c... Read More »

What is that dialing sound at the beginning of my VHS tapes?

When audio or video tapes are recorded, the album or movie is recorded over and over again on a roomfull of "slave" machines, each recording on long reels of tape. The beeping noise you hear is add... Read More »

Does a BlackBerry Pearl 8220 have GPS?

The BlackBerry Pearl 8220 smartphone does not come with GPS capabilities. BlackBerry mobile devices that come equipped with a GPS system include the BlackBerry Bold and Storm series and four other ... Read More »