How to Stop a Convertible Top From Leaking?

Answer Convertible tops are usually made of plastic, vinyl or some other penetrable material. It is not infrequent that tears or rips appear and cause problems with water leakage. Water leaking through a ... Read More »

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How do i stop dye leaking from my fabric ive washed it about 10 times so far and it is still leaking colour?

I'd return it. See:…Chances are the dye was not fixed properly in manufacturing, and you can't do it at home.BTW, most quilters prefer 100% cotton fabric... Read More »

How can i stop my TV from leaking?

If you are serious, it may be rainwater coming down your aerial cable. If so, you will need the cable replacing.

How do I stop a tap from leaking?

You Could try this:1)First turn off the water supply to the dripping tap, and turn on the tap to release any water in the system feeding it. 2)Before you start to dismantle the tap, place the plug ... Read More »

How to Stop a Toilet Flapper from Leaking?

As far as the inside of a toilet goes, the flapper is truly an unsung hero. The flapper at the bottom of the toilet tank prevents water from running from the tank into the bowl. When a flapper malf... Read More »