How to Stop a Constantly Running Nose?

Answer When your nose runs uncontrollably, it could because of a cold or allergy. Mucus dribbles out of the nose as a protective reaction---the body is trying to expel dirt, particles, germs and allergens... Read More »

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What is going on when your fridge is constantly running and the only way to get it to stop is turn it off?

If it's not freezing everything, and the door gasket is sealing up okay, then the refrigerant is probably low. This usually means a leak has occurred. If the compressor were bad, the food would be ... Read More »

How do you stop a toilet form constantly running?

Home Depot has the toilet kits...They are quick and easy to install. Go to the site below and put toilet kit in the keyword search....

How to Get Your Nose to Stop Running With Allergies?

Allergies can cause a multitude of uncomfortable physical symptoms, including a runny nose. Learning how to combat these symptoms can help you keep your life from being affected by allergies. Know ... Read More »

How to Stop a Nose from Running for a Certain Time?

Everyone knows it, everyone hates it. Here is a good solution to stop your nose from running, at least for a certain amount of time.Note, everyone is different, hence the result of this little proc... Read More »