How to Stop a Confrontation Between Two People on the Street?

Answer Always be careful when interjecting yourself into a conflict between other people. You could be at risk of being attacked by one or both parties, especially if you don't know the people involved in... Read More »

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How to Write a Dramatic Confrontation Scene Between a Hero and a Villain?

You´re writing a story and you get to a scene, where the hero and the villain confront each other. You just don´t know for sure how to make it properly dramatic? No problem. Read this article.

How to Understand Why Street People Do Not Think Like Non Street People?

Whenever you travel around, you find a remarkable difference in the way of thinking between those in the "suburbs" versus those who live, work or spend a lot of time in the "streets". The reason is... Read More »

What is the difference between a side street and a cross street?

I take it that English is not your primary language...A "side street" is a street that is not a thoroughfare... frequently a residential street. A "cross street" is one that intersects with (crosse... Read More »

Is the street between amtrak(Chi) and megabus a busy street ?

Check megabus rules I believe you can only have one suitcase to check and one carry on in the bus. I have taken a big purse and a laptop in a bag on board. I answered your other question. There is... Read More »