How to Stop a Civil Judgment in Iowa?

Answer Stopping a civil judgment in Iowa requires expedition. Judgments are often brought against an individual for unpaid bills, such as credit card bills, with the threat of litigation. Two main ways ex... Read More »

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What Happens With Civil Judgment Collections?

Beneficiaries of civil judgments have the right to collect upon judgment awards within a reasonable period of time. While laws vary by state, most states permit the beneficiary in a civil action to... Read More »

How Can a Civil Judgment Be Overturned?

A civil judgment is the court's formal, written decision in a lawsuit and reflects the outcome. To avoid the judgment's effect, the losing party must ask a court to overturn the judgment. A judgmen... Read More »

Can you put a civil judgment on a bankruptcy?

On One Hand: Most May Be IncludedMany civil judgments are dischargeable in a bankruptcy. They include debts related to delinquent medical and credit card bills and judgments levied due to breached ... Read More »

What is a civil court judgment?

A civil court judgment arises when the courts have determined each party's legal rights regarding the case at hand. It defines which party was "in the right" and how or how much he will be compens... Read More »