How to Stop Your Feet From Swelling up?

Answer Your feet may swell from many different reasons. Muscle injuries, a poor diet, allergic reactions, drug abuse, trauma, physical activity and pregnancy can cause swelling or edema. When your feet sw... Read More »

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Can you ice your vagina to stop swelling from a yeast infection?

Yes, although you should not leave the ice on for long periods of time. Yeast infection generally do not cause significant swelling, so if this occurs you should speak with your doctor as it may no... Read More »

How to Stop Your Feet from Stinking?

Don't you dread the the "feet stank"?That horrible smell as if a dead animal was in your shoe? Well, here is how to avoid it and fix it for good!

How can I stop my ear from swelling?

Take Ibuprofen and use ice cubes wrapped with clean paper towels. Apply on the piercing for a few seconds, remove and re-apply. Do sea salt soaks twice a day and keep doing for the whole healing pe... Read More »

How can you stop the swelling from wisdom teeth removal?

Hi! Been in dentistry over 25 years. Ice packs and rinsing with warm salty water 3-4 times a day. Sleep with another pillow and don't eat anything that is hot, spicy or hard to chew or sticky. T... Read More »