How to Stop Your Dog From Marking Your Furniture?

Answer Dog marking--the act of deliberately urinating on furniture in order to leave a scent behind--is unpleasant, unsanitary and destructive, as well as frustrating to the owner. You may wonder why your... Read More »

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How to Stop Dog Marking Behaviors?

Urine marking in the house can be a very annoying habit of your dog. But first - is he marking, or peeing? As similar as these might sound, before you can find a solution you need to know which one... Read More »

How to Stop Animals from Marking Your Property?

are you fed up with constantly suffering the territorial antics of mainly cats , dogs or foxes? If so then the answer is simple.

How to Stop Dogs From Marking Their Territory?

Marking territory is a natural instinct in which both male and female dogs engage. Spraying the ground with urine is how dogs claim their territory and communicate with each other. It is difficult,... Read More »

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