How to Stop Wishing Your Ex Would Come Back?

Answer Ending a relationship can seem like a devistating event, but it is not the end of your life. Individuals all over the world end relationships daily and move on with their lives. Although ending a r... Read More »

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What would cause water fachet to stop .then come back on?

Who would you like to see come back?

Yeah, I could use some more Tragic Typos and a little Slappy V today. I've been on YA awhile now, but not in Parenting all too long now, so I don't know many of the long lost regulars. If that's ... Read More »

Why would an Adopted Child Want to Come back?

Gee, I'm sorry this letter upset you so much. It's probably hard to have much empathy when you grow up with your natural family, knowledge of your roots, and not having to try to fit in with your ... Read More »

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