How to Stop Water From Getting in Motor Oil?

Answer Water inside your motor's engine oil is generally not a good thing, and it typically gets inside due to condensation and wet driving conditions. Although it's not always a serious problem (small am... Read More »

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How to stop water leak We tried cement, but running water makes it impossible!! Please help!?

There are some very effective expanding sealants out there that will do nicely.SikaSwell is one of the best and designed exactly for your problem - do a web search for a seller in your area. But s... Read More »

How to Make a Motor Home Stop Better?

Motor homes are very heavy and carry a variety of moving cargo such as motorcycles, ATVs, water, appliances and humans. It is essential that they have good brakes. Unfortunately, it takes more than... Read More »

How do you stop pulsing vacuum cleaner motor?

In 1748 William Cullen demostrated artificial refrigeration for the first time, at Glasgow university. This discovery was however not put to pratical use.In 1823, Michael Faraday learned how to cha... Read More »

How Can I Tell If Water Is in My Motor Oil?

Not all indications of water in the oil mean a repair is warranted. As the engine heats up after it is started, and then cools off after the car is turned off, condensation can cause small amounts ... Read More »