How to Stop Washing Your Hair?

Answer For many people, washing their hair seems as necessary as breathing. Yet some testimonials have shown that stopping washing your hair may actually improve it by allowing the natural oils to improve... Read More »

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How to Stop Hair Dye from Washing Off?

If you dye your hair regularly, you may notice that your hair looks vibrant and bright after it is first colored. It fades to a duller color after several months. When you shower, you may notice so... Read More »

What will happen if I stop washing my hair?

your hair will get greasy. VERY greasy. if i go a day without washing mine it gets VERY greasy & makes my face break out. there was this kid in my class last year who never washed his hair & it did... Read More »

Should I stop washing my hair everyday?

Yes... it's true. If you have long hair, washing it every other day or every third day is fine.

Is there a way to stop hair being greasy without washing?

Well, usually, after you wash it, blow dry it. It helps to keep the oil down.