How to Stop Smelly Feet?

Answer Whether feet are more exposed in the warmer months or bundled up in layers when it's cold, smelly feet are an embarrassing problem most people face from time to time. According to the California Po... Read More »

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How to Fix Smelly Feet?

Smelly feet are usually the result of excessive sweating. Sweat or perspiration is a natural response when exercising and under stress or while in a very hot climate. The pores on the body secrete ... Read More »

What are the Treatments for Smelly Feet?

The stench of sour, rancid, dirty feet can be extremely unpleasant. It's the type of problem that is hard to hide, especially the first few minutes after you remove your shoes. The smell is caused ... Read More »

How to Prevent Smelly Feet?

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Cures for Smelly Feet?

Smelly feet are neither painful nor contagious, but they can be an issue for many people. Each foot has 20,000 sweat glands that produce ½ pint of sweat each day. This perspiration evaporates in n... Read More »