How to Stop Razor Irritation?

Answer Razor burn and irritation can be one of the most uncomfortable daily sensations for men who shave. Shaving too often or incorrectly can leave your face with rashes, cuts, pimples or in-grown hairs,... Read More »

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How to Deal With Minor Razor Irritation Using Tea Tree Oil?

Dealing with minor razor irritation using Tea Tree Oil. For many men dealing with the irritating affects of shaving can be a daily occurrence but luckily they can try a natural alternative that wor... Read More »

How to Prevent Razor Burn and Skin Irritation from Shaving?

Uncomfortable and unattractive razor burns are one of the negative results of shaving. They pop up when strands of shaved hair curl back and grow into the skin. The bumps not only look bad, they ca... Read More »

How to Stop Razor Burn From a Straight Razor?

Shaving can sometimes result in razor burn, a series of red bumps that look like a rash. Razor burn can be unattractive, irritating and painful. All razors can cause razor burn, whether it is a str... Read More »

How to Stop Razor Bumps?

Razor bumps are an unfortunate side affect of shaving for many people. They can be unsightly, uncomfortable and even painful. With the right techniques and prevention measures, you can effectively ... Read More »