How to Stop Pose for the Camera?

Answer Many people want to break into modeling in this day and age, when it is such a lucrative profession. Even if you don't aspire to make a living posing for the camera, learning to pose for pictures i... Read More »

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The Correct Way to Stop at a Red Light On Camera?

Careful attention to traffic signals will help you avoid becoming a motorist who runs red lights. In 2006, almost 900 people in the United States were killed and an estimated 144,000 injured in cra... Read More »

How to stop a digital camera from being out of focus?

If there is a macro setting it can set the focusing range a bit closer than standard. Often in the macro mode it allows the greatest magnifications with the lens zoomed to the wide angle. This of... Read More »

How to Stop Blur on an iPhone Camera?

All Apple iPhones come with built-in cameras, and the quality of the images you shoot and what camera features you have to improve them will vary depending on which iPhone variant you own. Image bl... Read More »

How can you stop the flash in a digital camera?

there is a button that looks like lighting. if you press it, it will change (on the screen, not on the button)to things like a lighting with an A next to it (Auto) or a lighteing with a circle or c... Read More »