How to Stop People Turning Off My Computer?

Answer A computer that shuts off unexpectedly is a source of annoyance and frustration for any computer user. A computer shutdown can result in lost data, can damage programs that were not closed correctl... Read More »

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Turning right at a green light, am I to yield for people turning left in front of me?

I got my drivers license at sears!!!they dont still do that, do they?to answer your question, I assume the left turning driver was turning across lanes of traffic that had the forward green light. ... Read More »

My computer screen keeps turning blue and turning itself off?

That is exactly what happens to my computer. There really isn't anything I know you can do. I just keep restarting my computer whenever that happens.

How can i create a password to stop people using my computer?

Step by step.Press Start,Go to control panelGo to administrative tools (classic view)Go to computer management Go to users (right click on the empty space and create an account)Make the account, ad... Read More »

Can turning your computer off by the power button harm your computer?

on most recent computers, if you press the power button, it will just shut down the same way that it does if you shut it down through the start menu. (so no it won't harm your computer) but if u we... Read More »