How to Stop Payment of a Check With a Single Signature on a Joint Account?

Answer Placing a stop payment on a check prevents the depositor from negotiating the check. If the depositor deposits the check in their own account it will be denied by the bank. In the case of a joint a... Read More »

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Is it against the law to stop payment on a payroll check?

No. A business owner may have several legitimate reasons to place a stop payment on a payroll check, such as errors in payroll processing or lost checks. However, the Fair Labor Standards Act requi... Read More »

How to Stop Payment on a Lost Check?

When you write a check you give your bank permission to take money out of your account and give it to the individual listed on the check. Sometimes a check may become lost or misplaced. If this hap... Read More »

Pls advice me how I can stop this joint facebook account with my ex wife cos she is writting hell with it?

if you can get into the email address its registered to, you can "recover the password" go into the email address, change the password, go onto the facebook page with the new password and change it... Read More »

Should an Investment Club Open an Individual Retirement Account or Joint Account?

Biostatistics, according to Webster's New World Dictionary, is the science that applies the methods of statistics to biological data. Writing a biostatistical report follows the same conventions as... Read More »