How to Stop Oil Leaks with Additives?

Answer Mileage and age cause the components of your vehicle's engine to wear. This allows oil to leak from the engine gaskets and burn from worn piston rings. Adding additives to your engine can reduce th... Read More »

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How to Stop Leaks With Auto Transmission Additives?

There are a number of transmission additives on the market that a car owner can use to stop a transmission fluid leak. However, car owners should understand the limitations and applications of the ... Read More »

Additives to Stop Engine Leaks?

Engine oil in your car serves the purpose of lubricating the engine so the pistons can more easily drive your crankshaft. Leaking oil not only is costly, but it can be dangerous as well. The oil le... Read More »

Additives to Stop Engine Oil Leaks?

There are many additives on the market that promise to stop engine oil leaks. Engine oil is used to slow the wear on the pistons as they drive the crankshaft. Oil leaks can be a dangerous and expen... Read More »

How to Stop Exhaust Leaks?

Many older cars develop exhaust leaks from the exhaust pipe. As a result, fluid and loud noise can come from the car. These problems can become difficult to ignore and should be repaired. Though br... Read More »