How to Stop Oil Leaks From Rear Oil Gallery Plugs on a Chevy Big Block Engine?

Answer GM uses sand to cast its engine blocks' external structure and internal oil passageways (galleries, aka "gallies"), and incorporates a number of external holes in the passageways to get the sand ou... Read More »

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How to Stop Leaks in Rear Oil Seals?

Any leak from a car's oil seals shows the seal is bad or going bad. Denying that your car has a problem will only endanger your car's engine, not to mention waste oil that leaks out. Some of the ca... Read More »

How to Stop Rear-End Housing Leaks?

A leak around a rear-end housing is not an uncommon event. Over time, excessive heat can cause the gasket between the rear end and the rear-end housing to crack or break. Once there is a crack or a... Read More »

How to Stop Engine Oil Leaks?

Although an engine oil leak is a common problem faced by a car owner at least once in his lifetime, it is not something that you as a car owner should ignore. Engine oil is essential for the smooth... Read More »

Additives to Stop Engine Oil Leaks?

There are many additives on the market that promise to stop engine oil leaks. Engine oil is used to slow the wear on the pistons as they drive the crankshaft. Oil leaks can be a dangerous and expen... Read More »