How to Stop My Puppy From Chewing on Things?

Answer Chewing is perfectly normal behavior in puppies particularly due to teething. However, when an owner's favorite chair or tie gets gnawed to bits, it can be very frustrating. Thus, the training of y... Read More »

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How to Stop My Puppy From Chewing the Potty Patch Grass?

Puppies tend to chew on almost anything, including the Potty Patch. The Potty Patch looks like a patch of grass and can be quite inviting for a puppy to sink its teeth into, as there is artificial ... Read More »

How to Stop Your Horse from Chewing Things?

Stabled horses often develop bad habits, such as chewing, because they are bored.Sometimes a pony can develop a bad habit of chewing on the fence they stand next to whenever you mount, or scraping ... Read More »

How to Stop Your Dog from Chewing Things it Shouldn't?

Sometimes when you first get a puppy, he or she will start chewing on your shoes for fun, comfort or just because they are there for a good chew. Here are some ideas on how to avoid that happening.

Why is my puppy chewing?

Puppies can be fun, entertaining balls of joy, but puppies of all breeds go through a destructive phase of chewing and ripping. Although there are many reasons for this chewing behavior, there are ... Read More »