How to Stop My Child From Complaining During Homeschooling?

Answer Homeschooling can be a daunting task from the outset, but when given the necessary attention and encouragement, children can have the opportunity to excel wonderfully in a homeschool learning envir... Read More »

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What we can do as of Condo owners to stop our downstair neighbor from complaining regarding walking talking and opening balcony door after 11 pm?

Unless your Condominium documents contain some kind of covenant or established rule or regulation that addresses this matter, your neighbor has no valid grounds to complain. However - if your docu... Read More »

How to Stop Complaining and Start Fixing What's Bothering You?

First of all, it's great that you admit there IS something bothering you. That's really one of the hardest parts.

Can you WOMAN stop complaining about your stinking periods already?

Minor child has a passport non-custodial parent with shared legal rights does not want child to leave the country Can non-custodial parent stop the child from leaving?

my sister has full custody of her daughter, however, the father has visitation rights. He calims that as the non custodial parent there's a law that states that he should be the parent to keep her ... Read More »