How to Stop Metal Bending When Welding?

Answer Heat distortion results from the uneven distribution of heat across the surface of metal being welded and can be severe enough to ruin a welded work piece. Controlling heat distortion is not an exa... Read More »

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How to Use a Brake for Bending Metal?

When working with any type of metal, one particularly useful piece of equipment is the metal brake, a device that allows you to bend a piece of metal at a particular angle. Metal shops have brakes ... Read More »

DIY Homemade Welding of Thin Metal?

Successfully welding thin metal at home is not impossible, provided you have the right technique to avoid excessive warping or burn-through of the metal or excessive weakening of the material. The ... Read More »

Sheet Metal Welding Tips?

Sheet metal like the panels that make up the outer shell of a car, are thin and very malleable. Welding sheet metal requires that your welder settings be correct, the heat be correct, and the sheet... Read More »

All of a sudden knee pain when bending?

I wish I could say age had to do with knee pain. It's common to think that way because usually older people get pain. However, knee pain affects every age bracket for multiple reasons. Your reasons... Read More »