How to Stop Leaning When Hitting the Bass Drum?

Answer The bass drum, also known as the kick drum, is one of the components of a standard drum set as used in rock, pop, jazz and other popular music genres. The snare drum, one or more tom toms, and a se... Read More »

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Can a bass drum trigger be plugged into a bass amp?

According to, most modern bass amplifier cabinets can support frequencies as low as 42Hz, and sometimes lower, which makes them perfect for running a bass drum trigger through.Refere... Read More »

How can I stop hitting 2 keys at the same time when I type?

Position your fingers on the right keys -fingers on left hand on a s d f and fingers on right hand on j k l ; left forefinger on f, right forefinger on jLook at the keyboard as you type and soon en... Read More »

When the passenger airbag goes off in the car, what's going to stop the dashboard from hitting me first?

just because you cant see the seam doesnt mean its not there most of the time the score marks or seams are on the back of the plastic so as not to disturb the look of the interior if it doesnt have... Read More »

How to DJ Drum and Bass?

This article assumes that you have some basic DJ concepts down, i.e. beatmatching, cueing and mixing harmonics. There are plenty of places on the net you can pick up this info, but here we are goin... Read More »