How to Stop Lags on the PS3?

Answer One of the most appealing features for the Sony PlayStation 3 console is the ability for its users to play games online. However, one of the downsides to playing online games on the PS3, as well as... Read More »

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How to Stop Lags and Drop Your Ping in Call of Duty 1 Multiplayer Pc?

Lags can be a real drag on the speed of your Call of Duty game, spoiling the enjoyment. This article suggests how to speed things up and drop your ping.

IPod Touch 4th Generation iOS 5.1.1 Lags?

Jailbreaking your iPod makes it run a lot of software that it wasn't designed to. The heat you are experiencing is because you have a lot of processes running in the background (Activator, Mobil Su... Read More »

GoPro HERO3, playback lags severely.?

"laggy playback" of high definition video on a computer direct from the camcorder/camera is usually due to the computer being underpowered. This could be the CPU not being fast enough, not enough p... Read More »

Minecraft server lags every minute?

Well first off your CPU is too slow. You say it's running with 5GB and yet you only have 3GB MAX. Run it with 1GB RAM and MAYBE it will run slightly better.