How to Stop Hair Thinning in Women?

Answer Hair thinning is a stressful occurrence that happens to many women as well as men. Among the many possible causes are stress, medications, poor diet, chemicals and wearing hairstyles that put exce... Read More »

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What are the causes of women's thinning hair?

Hair loss isn't just a man's problem. Thinning hair can be a huge source of distress for women as well, especially since a woman's self-esteem is often linked to her personal appearance. There are ... Read More »

Women & Thinning Hair?

People generally think of hair loss and thinning hair as a problem exclusive to men. Not so. Women can have it, too, particularly as they get older. Thinning hair or even balding can be caused by a... Read More »

Help for Thinning Hair for Women?

Thinning hair is a problem many women face. Age, stress, or even hereditary conditions are among the causes. While there are professional hair care treatments that claim to reverse the thinning pro... Read More »

Treament for Thinning Hair in Women?

Although thinning hair in women can occur during puberty, it usually happens after menopause. Besides genetics, hormones play a big part in the thinning process. Over time, thinning hair in women c... Read More »