How to Stop Fussing at Your Wife?

Answer If you cannot seem to stop bickering with your wife, the tension in your home may be reaching a frustrating level. Take some steps to stop this fussing and restore peace in your house. Start the pr... Read More »

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I am worried about bowel cancer (family history), am I fussing over nothing or should I see a doctor?

it is most unlikely that you have bowel cancer first of all you are too young. Bowel habit changes can be due to poor diet, stress and/or food allergies. Bouts of diarrhoea and constipation are v... Read More »

Can a wife stop her ex seeing his children?

Not if the father is doing his fatherly duties for the children, and causing the children no harm or pain. But if he is then yes, also if she sees the father unfit and suspects harm is being done i... Read More »

My friends wife is blackmailing me. I want to stop her, HELP!!?

Are you winding me up?!!!! That's put a smile on my face this morning. I can't believe you actually did that, I'm gonna have to star you for that - how funny!!!

How to Get Other Guys to Stop Staring at Your Pretty Wife?

Do you hate it when guys look at your beautiful wife as if they could actually have a chance with her? This topic needs talking about because some men can get very irritated by this!