How to Stop From Being Tagged on Facebook?

Answer Facebook users can "tag" others in photos and videos. If you've been tagged in a photo, the picture appears in the image feed on your profile page and, depending on your privacy settings, anyone wh... Read More »

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How to Stop a Facebook Post From Being Seen?

Sharing content with the wrong people on Facebook can be embarrassing or worse. Negative comments about others, gossip or talking about quitting your job are just some of the things that can have u... Read More »

If you delete a friend from facebook...will they still be tagged in your photos?

How to stop being addicted to facebook?

Try limiting the amount of time you spend on it per day. Maybe only allow yourself 15 minutes a day. Gradually go from half an hour to 15 minutes to 5 minutes a day. If that doesn't work, you may n... Read More »

He tagged me in a Facebook post!?

I'd say it was a subtle jab at you.The real question you have to ask yourself is what do YOU want to do..?One the most base level of a romantic relationship, if you both do not share the same core ... Read More »