How to Stop From Being Tagged on Facebook?

Answer Facebook users can "tag" others in photos and videos. If you've been tagged in a photo, the picture appears in the image feed on your profile page and, depending on your privacy settings, anyone wh... Read More »

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How do I see who I've tagged in a note on Facebook?

Scroll to the bottom and it should list their names. And it should ask "who is in this note?".

How do i make it so i can't be tagged on facebook?

Profile>Privacy....modify the setting next to “Photos Tagged of You”. Select “Customize…” and a box pops up. Select the option “Only Me” and then “None of My Networks” if you want... Read More »

How to See All the Notes I'm Tagged in on Facebook?

When you write notes on Facebook, you can tag other people in them. These can be people who are specifically mentioned in the note, to whom the note is somehow relevant or who you simply think migh... Read More »

He tagged me in a Facebook post!?

I'd say it was a subtle jab at you.The real question you have to ask yourself is what do YOU want to do..?One the most base level of a romantic relationship, if you both do not share the same core ... Read More »