How to Stop Cravings for Alcohol?

Answer Though learning how to stop alcohol cravings is not easy, its is still an important first step for recovering alcoholics rying to quit drinking. Cravings can be intense and occur as the body is rea... Read More »

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How to stop alcohol cravings?

It pretty much never works when you simply quit something entirely. You end up feeling deprived, and eventually you return to the negative habit. So, I would substitute with something you like that... Read More »

How to stop food cravings and binge cravings?

I find that the best thing to do with food cravings is go and busy yourself doing something else as a distraction!

How do I stop my sugar cravings?

When do nicotine cravings stop?

According to the National Cancer Institute, nicotine cravings begin within the first few hours of quitting smoking. They are at their worst for several days and can take a few weeks to dissipate co... Read More »